Sponsor and Donation Opportunities

Precision Track Club is a volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion and teaching of Track & Field to kids ages 7 through 18.  Our coaches are willing to set aside time to support athletes of all ages through practice and competition.  You will not find a group of coaches more passionate and dedicated to teaching young athletes the fundamentals of the sport and the importance of being part of a Track & Field team.


Throughout this summer, Precision Track Club will be traveling to four different meets:

        Southeastern Association Championship, Kingsport, Tennessee;

        USATF Age Group Nationals,  Greensboro, North Carolina;

        Region IIIA Championship,  Knoxville, Tennessee; and

        AAU National Junior Olympics, Hampton Roads, Virginia


Although club fees cover the cost of AAU registration, uniforms and most practice expenses, personal travel expenses must be paid for by each athlete.  These expenses usually include transportation, lodging and meals.  A specific price per athlete is uncertain, depending on where the meet is and how long the meet lasts. 

Unfortunately, some kids won't be able to participate on their relay teams or compete in the Regional or National meets, simply because they can't afford it.  Our goal is to be able to offer scholarships to each athlete who has a love for the sport but does not have to means to pay his or her own way.  However, without help, we will not be able to provide them the means to accomplish what we, as a club, are here to do in the first place.

If you would like to help make sure every kid who sets foot on the track at practice time gets a chance to compete on the regional and national levels, there are several ways you can participate.  You can make a tax deductible donation to Precision Track Club in the name of a specific child or for our scholarship fund.  Donations will gladly be accepted for membership fees (for athletes who cannot afford their fee) AND for travel expenses (for athletes who cannot afford to travel).  Any amount donated would be greatly appreciated and would be used solely for the purpose of helping an athlete realize his or her dream of real competition in Track & Field.

For information on becoming a donor/supporter of Precision Track Club, please email Jan Sadler Pippin (Head Coach) at jpippin@precisiontrackclub.com.  You may also call her at 615-885-1508, or feel free to contact an assistant coach at any time.  Thank you for your interest in and support of Precision Track Club!

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